Choose from these two keynotes for your event:

Happiness is Your Responsibility (1)

Happiness Is Your Superpower

Become UNSTOPPABLE by learning how to flex your happiness muscle.

It has become too easy to put our happiness on the backburner. During today’s challenging times, life is more enjoyable and productive when we consciously make happiness actionable. In this session, you will
learn that you have far more control over your happiness than you think. Happiness is both an art and a science, but it’s also a muscle. The more you flex your happiness muscle, the stronger it gets.

Learn the secrets to making happiness an actionable objective instead of a distant dream. Walk away with game-changing strategies to help you live your best life by flexing your happiness muscle.

In this powerful presentation, Peggy shares takeaways to help you:

Move past being filled to becoming fulfilled

Capitalize on the art and science of happiness

Learn how to maximize your joy potential with the Happiness Tripod

From Surviving to Thriving

Leveraging Value-Based Time Management

People are exhausted, frustrated, and have gotten away from knowing and living their values. Being busy does not mean you are living a life you are genuinely excited about. Most people do not know what really fuels them—their wow factor. The life they want is a distant dream, not a documented, well-thought-out list of three to four prioritized things. In this session, you’ll learn how to easily identify the core values that are critical to living a productive and happy life. Most importantly, you’ll discover how to make your values actionable and consistently live them with the right tools.

Learn the difference between surviving and thriving.

Unlock your values and discover what fuels you.

Take action and live by your values.

Pump Up Your Personal Energy (1)
Say Goodbye to Self-Sabotage (1)

Say Goodbye to Self-Sabotage

It’s time to trade those self-sabotaging habits in for positive, life-affirming behaviors.

Your group will leave this presentation understanding how to: 

Let go of perfectionism forever

Overcome procrastination starting right now

Master the art of forming positive habits